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The b-sides collection regroups all the songs that Dead Season recorded at Signal 2 Noise Studio, which were either never released or only used on compilations.

This includes:
1: January 1998, the first Dead Season studio recording. "Butcher's Son" would appear on the VHS movie "True Motion Video Magazine Presents: Slam City Jam", the Chimaeric Records compilation "Making the Impossible Possible" as well as the Travis Dopp compilation. "The Giving Tree" would be re-recorded twice at Woodshed Studios. "Da Vipers" remained unreleased.

2: September 1998, "Reepers" was recorded and released exclusively on the Raw Energy Records compilation "On the Road ...With a Snowboard".

3: May 1999, "Dark and Stormy Night" was released on the Redstar Records compilation "The Sound and the Fury", "Last Love Song" was released on the "Ring N' Ears" compilation. Finally all three songs from this session were intended to be released on a split with The National Acrobat, but things fell through. "Speed" remained unreleased. All three of these songs would be re-recorded at Woodshed Studios.


released May 8, 1999

All songs recorded at Signal 2 Noise Studios.
All songs engineered, mixed and mastered by Jon Drew and Dead Season.

Tracks 1, 6, 7:
Recorded January 1998
Colin Clark vocals (1, 6), guitars
Chris Jokinen vocals (1, 7)
Phil Zeller bass
Al Biddle drums

Track 5:
Recorded August 23rd and September 1st 1998
Colin Clark vocals, guitars
Patrick Dupuis guitars
Mike Calder bass
Al Biddle drums

Tracks 2, 3, 4
Recorded May 8th 1999
Colin Clark vocals, guitars, bass
Al Biddle guitars, bass, drums



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Dead Season Oshawa, Ontario

Dead Season was a post-hardcore band active from 1997 to 2000, featuring ex-members of Two Line Filler and best remembered for its close association to Small Brown Bike.

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Track Name: Butcher's Son
Desire weakens the heart, thoughts weaken the mind
Sound weakens my ears
Total abuse, slow suicide
It's time to break down the walls and take what is mine
Rise up and breath again
Give new life to these tired hands
The butcher's son tells no lies
With a clear conscience stabbing forward
He presses on
Revolution comes from within
Track Name: Speed
Grinding to a halt, ready to go fast
Again a temporary stop feel the need to bleed
Willing to get lost to find a way
Decision feels like nothing
Blood runs cold, you know there is something wrong and you feel so scared
Can't face it, start to break a sweat you know what you have to do
This problem's waiting to be solved
So fix it
Track Name: Last Love Song
Bus rolls out of town
One thing on my mind
I won't be seeing you for a while
Jet streams in the sky, spelling kisses left behind
Cuts too deep to bleed
Running off again, not looking for anything
Been in love for too long or not at all
Felt the burn on your skin, sweat dripping off your chin
Sick feeling as you turned away
As you turned away
Track Name: Dark and Stormy Night
Lights are out, power's down
We just sit and watch the storm
Lightning fills our eyes
It keeps them focused on the colours
Illuminating from the darkness
Bright and crisp and clear
Light burned images filled our heads as we closed our eyes
And this lightning puts us in a mood
And it's making it impossible to think or move
So we sit here and watch the storm
Paint stripping off the metal revealing silent form
Woke up to hear the static broadcast of the news
And the radio fills the room with a reports of devastation
All we could do, hope the storm hits in the right direction
It's gonna be a dark and stormy night
No one knows what the morning light will bring
So we leave the house and run into the night
Track Name: Reepers
The doors of extinction lead into a fallen past
A man paints a picture of a feeling that he never had
Gone astray
Digressing from
Shades of black
Past the point of turning back
Safe and warm
Free from harm
In this bed your safe and sound but remember what she said
Better rock and roll while you have the chance of never coming back
Your excuses have no place
Trying hard there's no escape
You'd just be lying to yourself, not comin' back, it's too late
Track Name: Giving Tree
Washed your face down, scrubbed it so clean
Decisions made with honesty, what remains the giving tree
So hide yourself inside
Don't participate in what you defy
You have changed your ways
Don't think I blame you, things weren't going your way
You throw yourself in my path
The unforgiving smile on your face
Living with your honest claims
What remains, the giving tree
Track Name: Da Vipers
??? feel
The vipers have no mercy
??? on my mind
In my heart I want to destroy
The vipers descend from the mountain now
Raping and killing, destroying ???
Taking my women out to the ???
Taking ???
Take it out on the inside
Little girls in the field and they don't know what to do
I know my time will come when ??? to the throat of the vipers
Descend from the mountain on the beach