Everything Connects

by Dead Season

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Here it is. The long awaited, never released Dead Season album. Initially recorded for Salinger Press in the late summer of 1999, it was delayed from a fall release until the spring of 2000. But Salinger folded and passed on the work to Atarms Mechanics, before Dead Season broke up and the record was shelved. In 2001 World on Fire Records took over the responsibility and had a new layout created. Colin Clark brought the songs to Jon Drew for mastering and everything was sent to the pressing plant. But World on Fire also folded and the tab for the CDs was never picked up, leaving the finished albums sitting in the warehouse until they were disposed of. Finally, in 2006, an unauthorized attempt was made by Conquer the World Records, but it was luckily brought to a halt before it was too late.


released April 1, 2000

Recorded at Woodshed Studios in August 1999, September 1999 and March 2000
Engineered by Mike Palm
Produced by Mike Palm, Tim Pak and Dead Season
Mastered by Jon Drew
Artwork by Ben Playford
Layout by Ben Reed

Dead Season on this recording is:
Colin Clark vocals, guitars
Patrick Dupuis guitars
Paul Schedlich bass
Brett Fratangelo drums



all rights reserved


Dead Season Oshawa, Ontario

Dead Season was a post-hardcore band active from 1997 to 2000, featuring ex-members of Two Line Filler and best remembered for its close association to Small Brown Bike.

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Track Name: Gone
Once again I've lost my way
Embodying yesterday's suffering
Staring at an empty sky scratched by a setting sun
Reminiscent of so many things said and done
I pull strength from the words you left behind
Softly sinking in
Stopping the engine
To embrace the land
And the silence it provides
Sitting flat against the open blue
Small orange circle overhead
Lost in these days that seem to never end
For you they have expired
And I drift further every day
Cause I'm loosing touch
Now I can only see you in my dreams
Laughing when we were kids
The trouble we got in
How could I ever forget
Laying in your crib, you were so peaceful then
And you're so peaceful now
And laying in your crib, you were peaceful then, you're so peaceful now
Track Name: Project Kansas
You are never gonna sleep without it, you need it
You're never gonna be the same from this day forward
Progression drives you
To go through it again, I'd rather go through hell
My memory's a frozen picture of you and me smiling in Kansas
To go through it again, I'd rather go through hell
Promised myself it would never happen again
The first time, still stuck in my head
It's too late for me to care
The lack of protection, it makes me scared
Can't fall back on my life with you
There's nothing there
Track Name: Road to Nowhere
The road to nowhere
Stretching far and wide, the only sure thing that I've found
For you to give me something to put my faith into
There's only hope for us this time
Take my heart out place it beating in front of you
Take it or leave it
An endless moment keeps me staring at the stars tonight
To make something out of nothing is what I will do
Take my heart out place it beating in front of you
Take it or leave it
Take my eyes out offering to you, promise not to look
Cause I can trust you
Track Name: Dark and Stormy Night
Lights are out, power's down
We just sit and watch the storm
Lightning fills our eyes
It keeps them focused on the colours
Illuminating from the darkness
Bright and crisp and clear
Light burned images filled our heads as we closed our eyes
And this lightning puts us in a mood
And it's making it impossible to think or move
So we sit here and watch the storm
Paint stripping off the metal revealing silent form
Woke up to hear the static broadcast of the news
And the radio fills the room with a reports of devastation
All we could do, hope the storm hits in the right direction
It's gonna be a dark and stormy night
No one knows what the morning light will bring
So we leave the house and run into the night
Track Name: Last Love Song
Bus rolls out of town
One thing on my mind
I won't be seeing you for a while
Jet streams in the sky, spelling kisses left behind
Cuts too deep to bleed
Running off again, not looking for anything
Been in love for too long or not at all
Felt the burn on your skin, sweat dripping off your chin
Sick feeling as you turned away
As you turned away
Track Name: Cave Bear
Three A.M. the earth shuts down
On this side
Humming falls short of a whisper
Ears still ring
And at some point, all the animals will sleep beneath those
Everything falls apart
To reconstruct with the rising sun
Wild things with shinny eyes
Present themselves in the fires' glow
They cut me down to size
To release me from my skin
And adopt me in their kin
Fire brings light to these objects outside at night time
Giving colour to these darkest hours
In this time
Everything falls apart
To reconstruct with the rising sun
Track Name: Interior
Trying to get beneath your skull
Here I am a stranger
Trying to get beneath your skin
Here I am an enemy within
A cavalry of cells
Pressure cracks unwind a break
And it's painful holding on to something gone astray
Ripping through your costume
To unify with a soul confined and closed inside
How many times will you sacrifice your inner self
Before you start rotting out
So anxious to defend
So easy to pretend, the illusion's wearing thin
Trying to get behind your skull
So I can dissect your intentions
Trying to get beneath your skin
Searching for that warmth within
So anxious to defend
So easy to pretend, the illusion's wearing thin
Pressure cracks unwind a break
I'm ripping into your interior
Ripping through your costume
To unify with a soul confined and closed inside
Track Name: Giving Tree
Washed your face down, scrubbed it so clean
Decisions made with honesty, what remains the giving tree
So hide yourself inside
Don't participate in what you defy
You've changed your ways
How could I blame you, things weren't going your way
Throw yourself in my path
The unforgiving smile on your face
Living with your honest claims
What remains, the giving tree
Track Name: Speed
Grinding to a halt, ready to go fast
Again a temporary stop feel the need to bleed
Willing to get lost to find a way
Decision feels like nothing
Blood runs cold, you know there is something wrong and you feel so scared
Can't face it, start to break a sweat you know what you have to do
This problem's waiting to be solved
So fix it
Track Name: To a Close
Looking out of the garage
It's not visible quite yet, just a feeling somethings about to end
Chamber bells are ringing cold
As if we're supposed to know the season's coming to a close
And we can wait for next year
We can wait forever if we only had the time
The seasons are tipping over and we're still going nowhere
We are still holding on
You can change your mind a thousand times
But when the trees reject their leaves, it's time to change again
Of course we need this to survive
Something to save us from the cold
Something to savour